The firm was founded in May 2003. We gained a lot of the stable customers thanks to a reliable approach that is clearly seen on its continual growth. So far, we have successfully arranged almost hundred thousand of orders. We are doing everything to satisfy our costumer´s needs and this is also our slogan. Accuracy, reliability, security and discreetnes are our priorities. We are always on the disposal to your service We are always ready to drive you anywhere you wish because you determine our direction. To the doctor´s , to the town, to work, to school, to do the shopping, on the ball or reception, for fun, to the open-air theatre, to the mountains, to ski, for a train, to the airport or just next to your neighbours. Yes, because K2TAXI.

Why choose us?


We have the biggest car pool in the town

Since 2003 when we have started working, depending on the demand, we have been continuously improving and extending our car pool. That was the Skoda Fabia at the start. Today there are the 2x Skoda Octavia II ,5x Skoda Octavia III , 3x Skoda Superb Combi II, 2x Skoda Superb Combi III L&K and the 1x Volkswagen Sharan 6+1. There we have a trailer up to 650 kg.


Professional approach of the trained drivers

The drivers are regularly trained and are the holders of all the necessary documents and permits that the professional driver´s job includes and requires. They also experienced the psychological tests and medical examinations.


Lowest price for quality services

We want to be available for everybody… also for you! Do try K2.

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